Our Experience at your side

We have used our experience gained from over 40 years in the incontinence industry to ensure solution that are tailor-made for your Retirement Home

We always start by listening to your needs. The support and empathy of our staff allow us to identify needs and possible areas of improvement, and to offer quality solutions which optimise the time and costs dedicated to managing guests’ incontinence

We share our expertise with the facilities where we operate, through coaching, training and working methods. This can improve operational areas of incontinence management in residential facilities.

Our solutions to optimise management in your facility

Appropriate Products

We meet with your staff to identify the most suitable incontinence aids for each guest and develop a related therapeutic plan, from which to determine the approximate consumption

Hygiene Protocols

We assist in discussing hygiene routines with your staff. We look at hygiene procedures at different times of the day, to prevent complications such as inflammation and bedsores, while also reducing the workload of the healthcare staff

Inventory and Order Management

In conjunction with appropriate products we have easy to implement product re-order programs which - implemented together with our specialised staff - are ideal in optimising stock levels and containing waste

Product Training

Our specialised staff are - where required - available to assist with product training which ensures sound knowledge of product application and design for your staff

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