The Story of Albert

I never thought that some of my bad habits could cause my incontinence it


After the first episodes of urinary leakage, I worried about having prostate problems and I immediately went to the doctor, but everything was fine with my exams. Naively I did not believe that being overweight and a smoker were among the causes of incontinence, but my family doctor opened my eyes, gave me a series of tips to improve the situation and suggested I use a specific pad.

At first I felt uncomfortable, but I must say that no one ever noticed anything, so after a while I got used to it (and most of all I no longer worried about the risk of wetting my pants or of having to suddenly run to the bathroom).

However, the embarrassment was a constant with my wife: every time we had intercourse, I had urine leaks, so at a certain point I started to avoid intimate situations with her. This was beginning to undermine our marriage even outside the bed sheets and I could not accept it, so I decided to make another appointment with the doctor despite being ashamed at having to face such a delicate subject. Thank goodness I did it! I discovered that there are some simple tricks and that it is enough to choose positions that do not "stress" the bladder: now our intimacy is back to that of the past and I no longer have to worry about anything other than her.

The Story of Martin

Dealing with the surgery was psychologically very difficult. We all know that in life there are things that can happen, but we are never really prepared when they happen to us


Fortunately, everything went well, the operation was easier than expected (N.B. courage was never my strong point!) and hospitalisation was brief. After removing the annoying catheter my only concern was to return to normal as soon as possible and, for example, not having to give up mountain trips with my wife for months.

The good news was discovering that I did not need to give up my beloved habits. In fact, the urologist advised light physical activity, swimming and walking: guess what I loved doing in the mountains? Precisely long outdoor walks. Of course, the doctor also suggested that should I stop them should they cause urine leaks, but I was careful not to overdo things, especially at the beginning.

Furthermore, the urologist recommended I should do some exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (they are very simple, just contract the muscles as if to retain urine for 5 seconds, relax them for a further 10 and repeat the movement a dozen of times). I did these every day, three times a day, sitting or lying in bed.

The use of specific sanitary pads also provided an important contribution. In the beginning I did not feel at ease due to lack of habit and because I feared someone would notice, but I must admit that they are so discreet and subtle that no one has ever noticed them. Wearing them makes me feel at ease and, above all protected and free to carry on with my life, without any limitation.